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50% of the price will be added for an additional pet (max 3) on the portrait or for a background

For an unframed portrait of the head and shoulders/neck.  Shipping of the portrait included.  

Commissions process

1) Confirm your order with a deposit

Deposits on portrait booking are 30% of the total portrait price and are non-refundable. The remaining 70% of the portrait cost is due at the time of completion of the portrait. Shipping fee, if applicable, will be added to the total balance.

Deposits can be made through AccesD, PayPal or interact transfer. Let me know which payment method suit to you and I’ll give you all the info required to proceed.

2) Taking the Picture

Use a digital camera as opposed to a mobile or tablet device. Except for mobile devices that have a high quality camera integrated.


Get down at their level and get close so you can capture all details and that zooming will be possible.


Try to take your photo outside or near a window to catch natural light but avoid to be facing the sun and your pet being in the shadow. Try to avoid any bad reflection in their eyes, so that their natural colors should be noticeable.

Do not apply any automatic filter that would change animal’s colors.

I will not accept bad quality pictures anymore

3) Send the picture

When emailing your photos, be sure to keep them at their original size.

4) Choose a medium and paper color

See table above and contact me to discuss 

Please contact me to discuss about your project

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